Key Concept develops products tailor-made for the intra logistics market. In our vision of industry 4.0, we analyse and optimise intra logistic systems as a whole instead of individual parts. We use the latest technologies (Internet of Things, Big Data) to collect and process huge amounts of data generated by machines and processes.

The foundation of our products is a virtual copy of reality: the digital twin. Through information that is collected by this digital twin, we are able to travel through time: in the past, present, and through the use of simulations, in the future.

It is our goal to intuitively present facts to quickly create new insights and draw conclusions. Our services and products help reduce downtime, increase efficiency and save money.

Unlock the potential of your system through our consultancy services, or install one of our products to answer your daily questions yourself!

Key Intelligence

Key Intelligence is a Do-It-Yourself Business Intelligence tool for the intra logistic market. Key Intelligence sets itself apart from other products, while we at Key Concept believe that the most important questions emerge during analysis, not before. Besides standard reports, we have therefore developed tools with which you can create your own reports in no-time.

We see it as a compliment when you don’t need our support to do your analysis. We even go so far as to claim that, within an hour, you’ll be able to build your own reports.

Key Future

Let Key Future use simulations to predict what the future will hold. Investigate scenario’s during production and see future effects on your service levels, lead times, throughput and costs. Use the outcomes to make more effective decisions.

Define preset goals for Key Future to check during production. You are automatically informed when these goals are no longer achievable with the current strategy. For instance, you could be automatically informed when, without increasing productivity, less than 98% of your orders will achieve their cut-off time. Pro-actively shape your future with Key Future, before it’s too late.

Key Re/play

Have you always wanted a time machine to see exactly what happened? With Key Re/play this is now possible – visualised in 3D. Monitor your system in real-time or replay events from the past. Playfully easy, as if playing back a video. It is even possible to replay events in up to 64x the original speed. It is an immersive experience and guaranteed the fastest way you’ve ever gained insight into your operations. And, as the interface is completely web-based, all of this is possible from any place, any time.


At the heart of Key Concept lies the drive and passion to know and to understand. We at Key Concept share the desire to confirm or reject assumptions through the use of facts, and to use facts to create new, unexpected insights. We are always on the lookout for new technologies that help us find answers quicker and that help us represent the answers in the most natural possible way.