Intralogistics operation

// Ramp up throughput
// Reduce operating cost
// Adapt to new order profile
// Increase customer satisfaction
>> Optimise with Key Concept

To stabilize brand new complex systems or to adapt existing operations to highly dynamic customer demand requires specific know-how. In today’s world, sites have often to be operated outside their original designs. Be it a change in the order structure, assortment or business processes, all may lead to a less efficient site and lower customer satisfaction.

“Imagine a manufacturing line, where each product is different and designed by your customer who also decides when and where he wants to get it.”

Richard Claassen

Impossible to be optimized? Use the experience of Key Concept from ramping up and optimizing highly complex systems to improve your intralogistics operation.

We strive to achieve a high effect with limited changes. We deploy our optimization tools to improve your daily operation. All to ultimately save money while increasing customer satisfaction.