Digital Twin – Key insights in intralogistics

// Need more insights
// Want to resolve issues faster
// Need data for decision making
// System tuning for a shift
>> Install Digital Twin

Intralogistics systems are getting more and more complex. Market requirements are getting more dynamic, order patterns and customer demand are changing constantly.
But the tools to analyse and understand systems are still based on technology from the 1970s. Build developed and designed for smaller systems and a constant market.

“Through the design and realisation of the largest shuttle systems in the world, I have learned that there is always a potential for improvement in intralogistics systems. Without the right tools, however, utilising this potential is only possible at a high cost. I decided to do something against this enormous waste with the Key Concept Digital Twin”

Vincent Tieleman

The digital twin helps you to save resources and to provide operational excellence to your distribution centre. It brings even more value during the delicate startup phase of your system. Make your distribution centre ready for the 21st century, by introducing Key Concept Digital Twin.

Key Re/play®

Relive a production day as often as you want! Analyze it using interactive 3D, metadata and synchronized real-time or faster video. Support ramp up from anywhere with our 3D time machine.

Key Intelligence™

Understand correlations with “Do it yourself” Business intelligence. Build your own dashboards and reports from a large data set at hand.

Key Future®

Make decisions based on future scenarios and outcomes. Simulate a production day with different manning, settings, strategies, orders before you start a shift.